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28 Jul

Richard Lewis: I’m paranoid. On my stationary bike I have a rear-view mirror.

So back off

24 Jul

College students with “helicopter” parents are vulnerable to depression. ( Monitor on Psychology, 2013, 44, 4, p. 13)

Yalom’s The Spinoza Problem

21 Jul

The psychiatrist, Irvin Yalom, has written his third book intermingling his understandings of psychiatry and philosophy.The first two were When Nietzsche Wept and The Schopenhauer Cure. This, the most recent, The Spinoza Problem (2012), juxtaposes the philosophy of Spinoza, who lived in the 17th century and was ex-communicated from Judaism, and the anti-semitic thinking of Alfred Rosenberg, considered the main ideologue for the Nazi Party during the first part of the 20th century. Yalom skillfully blends historical fact and  accurate renderings of these men’s philosophical positions with fiction based on his psychological speculations about who these two men were. The book makes an informative and interesting read.

No Surprise

19 Jul

A study from the University of Texas found that teens who came from positive families were able to make positive marriages. (Monitor on Psychology, 2013, 44, 4, p. 19)

Good News

15 Jul

Happiness increases with age. (Monitor on Psychology, 2013, 44, 4, p. 18)


11 Jul

Henny Youngman: A neurotic is a person who worries about things that didn’t happen in the past, instead of worrying about things that won’t happen in the future, like normal people.

Weight Loss

7 Jul

Psychologists opine that attending to to emotions is as important as dieting to succeed with weight loss. (Monitor on Psychology, 2013, 44, 4, p. 13.)

High Cost of War

3 Jul

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs reported that everyday 22 U.S. Veterans commit suicide. (Monitor on Psychology, 2013, 44, 4, p. 13.)