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27 Nov

Research suggests that confiding in others is a direct cause of depression reduction. (In brief. Monitor on Psychology, 2021, 52(1), pp. 15-16.


21 Nov

Josephine Baker: I don’t lie. I improve on life. http://www.finebergpsychotherapy .com


12 Nov

Jealousy aroused by third party threats to a friendship can lead to efforts to guard it. (In brief. Jealousy may strengthen friendships. Monitor on Psychology, 2021, 52(1), p. 12.)


6 Nov

Research on subjects ages 18 to 62 had lower levels of oxytocin when their parents had divorced in their childhoods than those who had not. They reported less security around parenting and relationships. (In brief. Parents’ divorce lowers oxytocin. Monitor on Psychology, 2021, 52(1), p.12)