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Post-Partum Depression

30 Nov

This year’s Harvard Review of Psychiatry (January, February) reported that although post-partum depression lessens with time, depression remains a problem for 30% to 50% of mothers who have it up to three years after delivery. (In brief, Monitor on Psychology, 2014, 45(4), 17)

Enjoy Thanksgiving

27 Nov

A Cornell University study found that weight control is better over time when people allow themselves occasional splurges.( In Brief, Monitor on Psychology, 2014, 45(4), 14-18)

Coed vs Same-Sex Education

24 Nov

The Psychological Bulletin (online Feb. 3) reported a study that found coed and same-sex classrooms to be comparable in the educational performance and attitudes of their students.(In brief. Monitor on Psychology, 2014, 45(4), 15)

The Brain

20 Nov

The brain is absolutely the most complicated thing in the whole universe. (Frances, A. A step backward. Psychotherapy Networker, 2014, 38(2), 49)


17 Nov

In the Psychotherapy Networker‘s article called A step in the right directionReiger (2014) said, “The idea that psychiatric conditions are polygenetic is something that we never imagined back in 1980” (p. 33).


13 Nov

Keeping a daily routine improves sleep quality. (Monitor on Psychology, 2014, 45(3), p. 16)


10 Nov

A Johns Hopkins University study with 3515 subjects found that an eight week training in mindfulness mediation for 30 minutes a day was as effective a treatment of symptoms of anxiety and depression as antidepressants. (Monitor on Psychology, 2014, 45(3), p. 16.)


6 Nov

Voltaire: Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is absurd.

Benefits of Challenge

2 Nov

Experiences that shake us up and challenge prior assumptions about ourselves and the world can stimulate creativity.    ( Kaufman, B. From contretemps to creativity.Scientific American Mind, 2014, 25(2), 30-31)