Archive | May, 2021


31 May

Researchers analyzed data from 2000 older adults and found that the more activities they took part in, the less likely they were to develop mild cognitive impairment. (In brief, More activity, less decline. Monitor on Psychology, 2019, 50(10), pp. 12-13) http://www.finebergpsychotherapy .com


23 May

Goethe: Doubt grows with knowledge.


8 May

Video footage of real-life altercations showed that bystanders helped in 91% of the situations. (In brief. Vindication for bystanders. Monitor on Psychology, 2019, 50(10), p.12)


1 May

Are newer drugs really improved over the older ones? Actually we have little or no positive proof that most of the newer medications are better. (Wallis, C. A dilemma with new drugs. Scientific American, 2019, 321(5), p. 24)