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23 Sep

The Time Health Newsletter reported a recent article in the Psychological Bulletin, which said that self-esteem peaks at age 60.


16 Jul

In general, “powerful people tend to overestimate their abilities, take greater risks, think in terms of stereotypes, and ignore outside viewpoints more often than people who see themselves as less powerful” (p.54). These traits, whether in politics or business, tend to become more pronounced as a person grows in power, although many factors, including gender and personality, mitigate the effects of power and help to determine how opportunistic a leader will become. (Schaarschmidt, T. Power moves. Scientific American Mind, 2017, 28(3), 50-55.


3 Jun

Researchers in the UK did a longitudinal study on 174 subjects measured first at age 14 and then at age 77. They were rated on six personality characteristics related to dependability. At age 14, they were rated by teachers; at age 77, they rated themselves and were rated by a close relative or friend. The ratings at 14 and 77 showed no relationship. The study had many flaws, like the different raters, but, nevertheless, called into question the stability of dependability over time. (Mayer, M. W. Once dependable, always dependable? Scientific American Mind, 2017, 28(3), p. 10)