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SSRIs & Pregnancy

29 Jun

Johns Hopkins researchers found that SSRI use during especially the first trimester of pregnancy trebles the chances for boys to have autism and use during the third trimester increases the probability for developmental delays in boys. (In Brief, Monitor on Psychology, 2014, 45(7), pp. 19-20.)


26 Jun

It seems that spanking doesn’t work well to correct a child’s misbehavior. Scientists at Southern Methodist University used real-time audio recordings of parent and child interactions during everyday activities, like bath time and diner. They found that after 30 out of 41 spankings, the kids misbehaved again within 10 minutes. ( In Brief, Monitor on Psychology, 2014, 45(7), p. 19)


21 Jun

Rita Mae Brown: Happiness is pretty simple – someone to love, something to do, something to look forward to. 


19 Jun

Callousness toward others has been found to be related to deficits in a key empathy circuit in the brain. (Knight, M. Psychopath’s broken empathy circuit. Scientific American Mind, 2014, 25(1), p. 19)

Fear of Happiness

15 Jun

Usually unhappiness is seen as a problem, but there are those in every culture who fear happiness. Some people are afraid that happiness will result in a lack of drive, some believe that in worry lies safety, others believe that if they are happy, disaster will surely follow. (Scientific American Mind, 2014, 25 (1), p. 18)


11 Jun

Desmond Tutu: Don’t raise your voice, improve your argument.

Cool Off

5 Jun

Analyzing 60 studies over disparate fields, University of California researchers found that no matter where or when, hotter and dryer weather were linked to more violence. (Ajai, R. Hate-filled rage..Scientific American Mind, 2014, 25 (1), pp.16-17)

Pain Killers & OD

2 Jun

More overdose deaths come from painkillers than heroin and cocaine combined. (Jacobson, R. Bitter medicine. Scientific American Mind, 2014, 25(1), p. 15)