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28 Apr

Today’s psychodynamic practitioners have good evidence for many mental health issues, psychodynamic therapy is at least as effective as, if not more so, than other therapy approaches. (Novotney, A. Not your great-grandfather’s psychoanalysis. Monitor on Psychology, 2017, 48(11), 40-47)


26 Apr

Writer Ruth Reichi: Children, I came to understand, need you around even if they ignore you. In fact, they need you around so they can ignore you.

Assisted Dying

19 Apr

Research shows that of the people in states allowing assisted dying, a sizable number are rationally making the choice, but also a sizable portion are evaluating it through their depression. (Weir, K. Assisted dying: The motivations, benefits and pitfalls of hastening death. Monitor on Psychology, 2017, 48(11), 24-30)


14 Apr

A study spanning 15 countries around the world found that youngsters ages 10 to 14 began to internalize rigid gender stereotypes such as girls are vulnerable but boys are independent and strong as well as boys are predators and girls are potential prey. (In brief. Gender nouns. Monitor on Psychology, 201, 48(11), 1134-114)


7 Apr

Bertrand Russell: The fundamental cause of the trouble is that in the modern world the stupid are cocksure while the intelligent are full of doubt.