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Happy Thanksgiving

26 Nov

Wishing all a fine holiday.


22 Nov

A study in Scientific Reports found noticeable relief in stress from just a 10-minute message. Even a 10-minute rest provides benefits. (Mind, Mood, & Memory, 2020, 16(12), 2)

Depression and Covid-19

20 Nov

Almost 25% of Americans have had depressive symptoms during the Covid-19 pandemic. That’s almost three times pre-pandemic. ( Covid-19 pandemic triggers depression outbreak, too. Mind, Mood, & Memory, 2020, 16(12), p. 1)


15 Nov

Almost 1000 people ages 18 to 92 were asked about their life goals. Then most were followed up 2 years and then 4 years later. Those who had set up goals they felt were more attainable reported greater well-being later. (In brief. I can do it. Monitor on Psychology, 2019, 50(6), p. 18)


9 Nov

When people eat off shared plates, they are more likely to cooperate in negotiations. (In brief. Shared Plates, shared goals. Monitor on Psychology, 2019, 5096), p.14)


1 Nov

Adolescents are more sensitive to facial expressions of anger and fear than younger children and adults. (In brief. Reading faces. Monitor on Psychology, 2019, 50(6), 13-14) http://www.finebergpsychotherapy .com