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8 Dec

Partnered men and women who have a positive body image report more sexual and romantic relationships. (In brief. Body-confidence=relationship success. Monitor on Psychology, 2018, June, p. 17)


5 Dec

Patients with mild cognitive impairment were asked to self-rate their own cognitive abilities. These self-ratings were compared with ratings from their family members. Those patients with greater discrepancies between self and family ratings were three times more likely to develop full blown dementia over the next two years than those with more accurate assessment of their cognitive abilities. (In brief. Memory lapses. Monitor on Psychology, 2018, June, p. 16)


2 Dec

Social support in adulthood can mitigate the long-term results of having been physically and emotionally abused as a child. (In brief. Mitigating the effects of abuse. Monitor on Psychology, 2018, June, p. 15)

Happy Thanksgiving

28 Nov

Best wishes for a good holiday.


24 Nov

A longitudinal study at 11 year and 50 year follow-up showed that teens who study hard and are interested in school achieve higher educational attainment, more career success, and higher incomes as adults than those not so inclined.
(In brief. Study now, succeed later. Monitor on Psychology, 2018, June, 13-14)


21 Nov

A recent study found that children who experience more back-and-forth conversations with their caregivers show more activity in the language-related area of the frontal lobe. (In brief. Conversations matter for kids. Monitor on Psychology, 2018, June, p. 12)


18 Nov

There has never been good scientific evidence for the effectiveness of opioids in treating chronic pain. (Wallis, C. Why we won’t miss opioids. Scientific American, 2018, June, p. 23)