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2 Aug

Author Don Winslow: There is no wall that divides the human soul between its best impulses and its worst.


31 Jul

A meta-analysis in Psychological Science found that people generally see themselves as others see them. (In brief. No rose-colored glasses. Monitor on Psychology , 2019, 50 (4), p. 17)


26 Jul

Golda Meir: Old age is like a plane flying through a storm. Once you are aboard there is nothing you can do.


23 Jul

The rising suicide rate over the last 20 years has been called an epidemic. In the eighteen years between 199 and 2017, the age adjusted suicide rate in the U.S. rose 33% , according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The rates for girls and women are approaching those for boys and men in every age group. ( Wallis, C. The other U.S. epidemic. Scientific American, 2020, August, p. 23)


19 Jul

A study in Health Psychology found that anxiety and depression are at least as linked to physical illness as obesity and smoking. ( In brief. Mental illness, physical illness. Monitor on Psychology, 2019, 50(4), 13-14.


12 Jul

A study found that school achievement goes up when school starts later and, therefore, allows more sleep at night. (In brief. Teen sleep linked to achievement. Monitor on Psychology, 2019, 50(4), p. 13)


1 Jul

In the U.S., the suicide rate has been rising since 1999, while for many other countries, the rates have been falling. (Weir, K. Worrying trends in U.S. suicide rates. Monitor on Psychology, 2019, 50(3), 24-26)


27 Jun

There is a subs

There is a substantial body of evidence that supports that telepsychology is as effective as in-person psychotherapy with better retention rates for non-psychotic disorders such as depression, anxiety, and adjustment disorders. (Greenbaum, Z. How well is telepsychology working? Monitor on Psychology, 2020. 51(5) 46-51)


21 Jun

Just a few hours of sleep loss make people more irritable and likely to react with anger. (In brief. Tired and irritable. Monitor on Psychology, 2019, 50(3), p. 18)

Gender Roles

19 Jun

A study found that when young women believe that more men are willing to be stay-at-home dads, they are more able to envision themselves as the primary breadwinners for their families. (In brief, Changing gender roles. Monitor on Psychology, 2019,50(3), p. 14.