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21 Sep

In spite of the common understanding, dreaming can occur during both REM (rapid eye movement) and nonREM sleep. (Lewis, I. The stuff of dreams. Scientific American, 2017 (317), p. 16)


17 Sep

A study reported in Academic Pediatrics found that those who slept less than 10 hours a day at ages 3 & 4 and less than 9 hours a day at ages 5 through 7 are more likely to to have behavioral, social, and cognitive problems at age 7. (In brief, Sleep matters. Monitor on Psychology, 2017, 48(6), p. 12)


27 Jul

Spending day light hours in bright light may compensate for the sleep disturbances caused by nighttime blue-screen exposure to electronic devices. (In brief. Bright daylight, better sleep. Monitor on Psychology, 2-016, November, p.10)


21 May

The American College of Physicians, reacting to the results of many meta-analyses, endorsed cognitive behavior therapy as the best and first-line treatment for chronic insomnia. (DeAngelis, T. Behavior therapy works best for insomnia. Monitor on Psychology, 2016, October, pp. 18-19)