Archive | February, 2017

The Good Patient

26 Feb

The good patient provides all relevant information, asks questions, complies with recommendations, and uses internet information wisely. (Gold, S. S. How to be a better patient. Scientific American Mind, 2016, 47(4), p. 15)


23 Feb

There is research support for a link between health and happiness, particularly for middle-age and older adults. (PsychBytes, 2/21/17)


20 Feb

Boys are more likely than girls to be given names with voiced phonemes, like A in Anthony and B in Brian, while girls get names with unvoiced ones, like F in Fannie and H in Heidi. (Hutson, M. The gender of names. Scientific American Mind, 2016, 47(4), p. 14)


12 Feb

George Carlin: If someone with multiple personalities threatens to kill himself, is it considered a hostage situation?


9 Feb

The research suggests that those who use cell-phones and the internet addictively have higher anxiety and depression than those who use these technologies to relieve boredom. (In brief. Monitor on Psychology, 2016, 47(5), p. 19)


5 Feb

Jada Pinkett Smith: People can only treat us in the way in which we allow. I would add that it is true under ordinary circumstances.


2 Feb

Research shows that staying socially active is associated with more well-being in later life. (In brief. Monitor on Psychology, 2016, 47(5), p. 18)