Archive | September, 2020


27 Sep

Sibling bullying is more likely in families with three or more children. Bullies are more likely to be first borns and older brothers. (In brief. Sibling bullying. Monitor on Psychology, 2019, 50(5), p. 16)

COVID-19 dreams

24 Sep

COVID-19 has crept into our dreams. It has increased our dreaming and our memory for our dreams. It has impacted the content of our dreams, making them COVID-19 relevant. (Neilson, T. (2020). Infectious dreams. Scientific American, 323(4),30-35)


20 Sep

People in all disciplines seem to come up with their most creative ideas and best problem solving when their minds are wandering off-topic and they are not working on a problem. (In brief. “AHA!” moments. Monitor on Psychology, 2019 50(5), p. 16)


7 Sep

A recent study in Science Advances suggested that a complex pattern of brain activity detectable by fMRI underlies human consciousness. This finding offers promise for a new method of defining and detecting human consciousness. (In brief. Detecting conscious signals. Monitor on Psychology, 2019, 50(5)


4 Sep

Lawyer Clarence Darrow: The first half of our lives is ruined by our parents, the second half by our children.