Archive | May, 2016


24 May

George Bernard Shaw: You are not born with a fixed amount of resilience. (Its) like a muscle; you can build it up.


22 May

Cyberbullying is less emotionally harmful to 10-to-20 year olds than person-to-person harassment by people they know. (In brief, Monitor on Psychology, 2015, 46(8), 19)


19 May

What does work is moderation through making small, not drastic, changes to eating patterns. (Markey, C. N. Don’t diet. Scientific American Mind, 2015, 25(5),48-53)

Social Skills

8 May

To become a better listener: 1)Check out whatever assumptions that you are making to see if they do apply; 2) Get curious and ask questions; 3) Try not to judge and look for common ground; & 4) If the time is wrong, ask to delay. (Gold, S. S. How to be a better listener. Scientific American Mind, 2015, 25(5), 13)


4 May

Pharmaceutical companies routinely try to educate and raise awareness for conditions for which they supply drugs.(Moyer, M. W. Raising awareness or drumming up sales? Scientific American Mind, 2015, 25(5), 10-11)


1 May

Will Rogers: Even if you are on the right track, you will get run over if you just stand there.