Archive | April, 2016


29 Apr

The rate of post-partum depression in U.S. mothers is 10%-15%. (Hsieh, E. A world of difference. Scientific American Mind, 2015, 25(5), 8-9)


24 Apr

Frequent non-suicidal self-injury is a strong predictor of attempts at suicide. (DeAngeles, T. Who self-injures. Monitor on Psychology, 2015, 46(7), 60-61)


17 Apr

Theodore Isaac Rubin (psychiatrist): The problem is not that there are problems. The problem is expecting otherwise and thinking that having problems is a problem.


15 Apr

Harvard researchers have rediscovered a phenomenon described 70 years ago – pain affect relief. That is, after the experience of physical pain, there can be a brief state of euphoria. Those who do non-suicidal self-injury may be seeking pain affect relief as a way of feeling better. ( DeAngelis, T. A new look at self-injury. Monitor on Psychology, 2015, 46(7), 58-62)


7 Apr

E.B. White: Always be on the lookout for the presence of wonder.


3 Apr

All of us are susceptible to exploitation. We are used to trusting. People who are highly trusting are not duped more often than those low on trust. There’s a middle ground between being too trusting and too distrustful. (Ellin, A. The drama of deception. Psychology Today, 2015, 48(4), 60-88)