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31 Aug

In middle age, any type of of exercise more strenuous than walking is associated with better cognitive health 25 years later. (In brief. Keep moving. Monitor on Psychology, 2016. December, p. 13)


27 Aug

Stress can reduce the benefits of eating healthy fats. (In brief. Stress eating. Monitor on Psychology, 2016, December. p. 11)

Novel Comments

20 Aug

Elena Ferrante’s second novel in her Neapolitan quartet, The Story of a New Name(2012), recounts a rather distant but still connected relationship between two best girlfriends as they pass from their late teens into their mid twenties. The distance comes primarily from the complications that arise as they become intensely involved with men and their competition for one in particular. However there is also their choice of difference paths- One goes into a tumultuous and destructive marriage, and the other, the voice of the writer, struggles to establish one of education and creativity in spite of their working class backgrounds. The writer, Elena, uses men to further her more urbane, intellectual ambitions; the other, Lila, uses men to express her emotional instability. I am ready to read the third novel.


18 Aug

Warm parents seem to buffer children and teens (ages 9 to 17) from the negative effects of daily stress and strain. ( In brief. Warm parents, healthy teens. Monitor on Psychology, 2016, December, p. 10)


13 Aug

Those adults who work and volunteer have fewer physical limitations and less chronic disease than those who are less active. (In brief. Stay busy, stay healthy. Monitor on Psychology. 2016,November,p.14)


9 Aug

Robert Frost: Happiness makes up in height what it lacks in length.


5 Aug

Researchers asked one-half of the sampled partners about how they felt today about their most recent relationship conflicts and the other half were asked about how they would feel about those conflicts one year later. Those told to take the long view were more forgiving. (In brief. Relationship repair. Monitor on Psychology, 2016, November, p. 13)