Archive | November, 2013

Academic Performance and Media

28 Nov

Use of social networking and texting are linked to negative academic outcomes, while listening to music and reading the newspaper are linked to positive outcomes. (Monitor on Psychology, 2013, 44, 6, p.16)


24 Nov

He observed, “with knowledge comes more doubt.”

Concern for College Students

21 Nov

In a survey of the directors of college counseling centers, 95% said that there is a growing number of college students with significant adjustment problems: anxiety, depression, and relationship problems are the top three. (Monitor on Psychology, 2013, 44, 6)


18 Nov

Gertrude Stein: We are always the same age inside.

Too True

14 Nov

Henry Rosovsky: Never underestimate the difficulty of changing false beliefs by facts.

How to be a Good Boss

10 Nov

1) Be open to new ideas and ready to admit mistakes.

2) Give choice when possible.

3) Take time off and allow others personal time.

4) Be generous with positive feedback.

( Scientific American Mind, 2013, 24, 3, p. 18.)

Good Advice

6 Nov

Eleanor Roosevelt: You wouldn’t worry so much about what others think of you if you realized how seldom they do.


2 Nov

it used to be thought that personality is indelible after age 30. But more recent studies have given evidence that it is malleable throughout life because it responds to life experiences, both positive and negative. For example, job satisfaction decreases neuroticism and increases extroversion. (Scientific American Mind, 2013, 24, 3, pp.8-9.) Personality’s continuing malleability is what supports change through psychotherapy.