Archive | July, 2018


29 Jul

Over the last decade, the number of patients 65 and older who were prescribed three or more psychotropic medications more than doubled. Over prescribing, perhaps? (In brief, Monitor on Psychology, 48(5) , p. 11).


26 Jul

Research has shown that, on the average, marrieds have lower levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, than singles. (In brief. Monitor on Psychology, 2017, 48(5), p. 11)


22 Jul

Harry Truman: You can accomplish anything in life, provided that you do not mind who gets the credit.


19 Jul

After a 10 week course in cognitive behavioral therapy, MRIs showed structural changes associated with emotional regulation and self-control. (In brief, Monitor on Psychology, 2017, 48(5), p. 10)


16 Jul

In general, “powerful people tend to overestimate their abilities, take greater risks, think in terms of stereotypes, and ignore outside viewpoints more often than people who see themselves as less powerful” (p.54). These traits, whether in politics or business, tend to become more pronounced as a person grows in power, although many factors, including gender and personality, mitigate the effects of power and help to determine how opportunistic a leader will become. (Schaarschmidt, T. Power moves. Scientific American Mind, 2017, 28(3), 50-55.


10 Jul

Poet Anne Carson: Not knowing what one is doing is no prohibition on doing it.


2 Jul

If you want to ask a favor, ask in person. Studies suggest that people respond to person-to-person requests much more frequently than e-mail requests. (Hutson, M. Ask in person. Scientific American Mind, 2017, 28(3), p. 17)