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16 Feb

When you try to read the emotions of others, especially if they are strangers, careful thinking tends to be more accurate than intuition.(Hutson, M. Don’t go with your gut. Scientific American Mind, 2017, 28(2), p. 8)


26 Nov

Ecuador scored first as the world’s most empathetic country; the USA scored 7th; and Lithuania scored last of the 63. (In brief. Empathy around the world. Monitor on Psychology, 2017, January, p. 12)


5 Nov

Exercise impacts depression in several ways: strengthens biochemical stress- resilience, grows new brain cells, increases self-esteem, and perhaps counterbalances a genetic risk for mental illness. For the majority of people with mild to moderate depression, exercise is one of the most effective treatments. (Jabr, F. Headstrong. Scientific American Mind, 2017, 28(1), p. 26-31)


3 Sep

JAMA recently reported that 14% of people 55 and older are depressed, and about 2% have a major depression. (How to lift late-life depression. Health After 50, 2017, September, p.1)


27 Apr

Taking photos increases the enjoyment of positive experiences and increases displeasure in unpleasant situations. (In brief. Monitor on Psychology, 2016, Sept., p. 24)