15 Jul

Exercise helps anxiety and depression. (In brief. Get moving. Monitor on Psychology, 2018, 49(2), pp. 13-14) http://www.finebergpsychotherapy.com


11 Jul

A study found that when 80+ year olds have a strong social network with positive relationships, their cognitive functioning shows less decline. (In brief. Super-agers are more social. Monitor on Psychology, 2018, 49(2), p. 13) http://www.finebergpsychotherapy.com


8 Jul

Marjory Stoneman Douglas: Be a nuisance where it counts. http://www.finebergpsychotherapy.com


30 Jun

A study found that, overall, its subjects spent 66% of their time focusing on the present; 26%, on the future; and 8%, on the past. (In brief. Living in the moment. Monitor on Psychology, 2018, 49(2), pp. 12-13) http://www.finebergpsychotherapy.com

Crisis Communications

27 Jun

During a crisis, people feel more stressed when they rely on social media rather than officials and traditional media. (In brief, Crisis communication. Monitor on Psychology, 2018, 49(1), p. 15) http://www.finebergpsychotherapy.com


16 Jun

Children with television or video game systems in their bedrooms spend less time sleeping, reading, and being physically active than those without. (In brief. Screen time. Monitor on Psychology, 49(10, p. 13) http://www.finebergpsychotherapy.com


13 Jun

Postpartum depression affects about one in every 200 births to mothers who have no prior psychological problems. (In brief. Postpartum depression. Monitor on Psychology, 2-018, 49(1), p. 13) http://www.finebergpsychotherapy.com