4 Aug

A recent article covered 150 years of enthusiasms and then disenchantments with medications supposed to make the American people feel better psychologically. The history began with the late 19th Century’s wide-spread use of opium and its derivatives, moved to barbiturates and amphetamines beginning in the 1930’s, concentrated on tranquilizers in the mid 20th century, and ended with the antidepressants becoming the rage in the 1980’s.

Each class of drugs has initially been touted as safe and amazingly effective, but as its use has become more and more pervasive so has the recognition of its limitations. Each of these types of medications has had its successes but has also been overly marketed and irresponsibly oversold by pharma and those who prescribe it.

What will be the next psychotropic quick fix? Or can we become more discerning?

Wylie, M. S. (July/August, 2014). Feeling in love again. Psychotherapy Networker, 38(4), pp. 18-27 & 48-50.

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