Gender Differences

25 Jan

The most recent issue of the American Psychologist included an article that reported a large-scale study about gender differences. Zell, Krizan, and Teeter (2015) analyzed other studies with an aggregate total of over 12 million subjects from different age groups, cultures, and generations.

The largest differences suggested that males scored higher on masculinity, the spatial ability to mentally rotate, the importance of physical attractiveness in choosing a mate, and aggression. Females scored higher on reactivity to painful stimuli, attachment to peers, and interest in people rather than things.

Although there were some differences, they were, across the domains, relatively small. Even the larger differences were small enough to provide considerable support for a gender similarities hypothesis. Yet the authors acknowledge that even small differences can have important impacts on everyday life. (Zell, E., Krizan, Z., & Teeter, S. R.. 2015. Evaluating gender similarities and differences using metasynthesis. American Psychologist, 70(1), 10-20.

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