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14 Mar

A study shows that police officers are no better than untrained observers at detecting when a suspect is holding a gun or explosive device. (In brief. Armed and dangerous. Monitor on Psychology, 2017, November, p. 14)


11 Mar

Amanda Lear: I hate to spread rumors, but what else can one do with them?

Mood Disorders

3 Mar

Evidence is accumulating about people diagnosed as bipolar who never have had depression but only mania. Some think that unipolar mania should be a separate diagnosis in the same way that unipolar depression is, but others want it to be a subtype of bipolar. More research is needed. (Makin, S. The undiscovered illness. Scientific American, 320(3), 36-41)

Work-life balance

28 Feb

Both women and men in the US, Asia, and Europe report similar problems with balancing the demands of family and work. (In brief. Work-life balance. Monitor on Psychology, 2017, November, p. 14)


24 Feb

More gun use in rural areas is the primary explanation for more suicides there than in cities. Non-gun suicide rates are about the same. (In brief. Rural suicide, 2017, November, p. 12)


10 Feb

Adopted children of heterosexual and homosexual couples show no significant differences in their gender-typed behaviors. (In brief, Monitor on Psychology, 2017, November, p. 11)


3 Feb

“Americans are becoming less socially connected (p. 519)” From Holt-Lunstad, J. A., Robles, T. F., & Sbarra, D. A. Advancing social connection as a public health priority in the United States, American Psychologist, 2017, 72(6), 517-530.